Photography Session Pricing Calculators + 3 FREE Gifts

Photography Session Pricing Calculators + 3 FREE Gifts

Photography Session Pricing Calculators + 3 FREE Gifts

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  • Calculate ANY Shoot
  • Use on your Smart Phone
  • Tax and Banking System
  • Print Itemized Invoices
  • Works on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, and any desktop.
  • For ALL Types of Photography Including - Portraits, headshots, product, food, commercial, real estate, landscape, etc.
  • Currencies USD, EURO, and British Pound

3 FREE GIFTS 🎁 (Limited Time Offer)

  1. Perfect Portrait Preset
  2. Lightroom Brush Kit
  3. Premier Pro Transition/LUT's Bundle

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STOP Losing Money on Your Photo Work!

One of the most difficult things as a photographer is to decide how much you should charge for your work. Not knowing how will lose you lots of money very FAST! 

I know how it is though... I wasn't charging what I was worth in the beginning either and because of that I was losing TONS of money... all I knew was that I was tired of the ramen noodle life and I knew I deserved more. But, I had all types of questions I didn't know the answers to like:

1. How much am I worth per hour?

2. How many photos should I give for the price I’m charging?

3. Should I charge based on time it takes to shoot?

4. Should I charge an hourly rate for editing?

5. Are my photos worth the price I’m asking? (They are likely worth WAY MORE!)

After years of experience and hundreds of paid shoots, I figured it all out so you don’t have to! I’ve created these Photography Pricing Calculators that will help you STOP losing money and START charging your worth for any gig! Whether it’s family shoots, senior portraits, weddings, or headshots, I’ve got you covered!

Don't be like me in the beginning when I was making barely enough to feed myself let alone a family. Without this tool, I never would have been able to go from 24k per year as a photographer to over 6 FIGURES per year!!! 

You might be undercharging! I know you want to make more money for your hard work. Start using these calculators on every shoot! They are extremely detailed and offer more than just calculating how much to charge. They also break down your expenses per shoot, how much income you will make over time, and how much you should be putting aside to cover costs for NEW CAMERA GEAR!!

When you're ready to stop leaving money on the table, click the "Buy it Now" button at the top of the page and start maximizing your Photography Profits today!!




Without these Portrait settings, I wouldn't have been able to raise my prices and make over 6 FIGURES per year!

You ever heard the phrase "Starving Artist"? Well, that's what I was before I had this valuable tool. Now I don't have to worry about how to feed my family.

After years of experience and hundreds of paid shoots, I figured it all out so YOU don’t have to! I’ve created the PERFECT settings that will help turn any of your portraits into a masterpiece!

Stop wasting your time on lame presets with cliche names like "Autumn Warmth" or "Overcast Skys". Let's be real, those presets are just glorified filters. This is nothing like what you're use to. I include a detailed video to show you the step by step blue print to creating stunning portraits!

Stop struggling to edit great portraits and start using these proven settings today!


Ever find yourself wondering how those BOSS editors get those eyes to pop like that? Or wonder "How the hell did they get her skin to look so smooth without looking fake"? Well, there are special techniques that editors use to achieve all of these types of effects. We have taken all of the settings we use at Photo Taker Pro to craft our most beautiful portraits and we have put them into a set of brushes that will complement your Lightroom setup and take your touch-up editing to the NextLevel!

There are over 10+ brushes in this kit.

  1. Bangin Blue Eyes
  2. Bangin Brown Eyes
  3. Bangin Brows
  4. Bangin Lips
  5. Bangin Smooth

and MANY more brushes!



Without production value it's nearly impossible to compete in the video market. Are your videos the best in town? With transitions like these, your videos will stand out in the crowd. 

What's Included

  • 75 Drag & drop transitions
  • Blur, flash, lens distortion, roll, stretch,  shake, spin, zoom and glitch transitions
  • 70+ LUTs to color grade your videos in seconds. (BONUS)
  • Can use with any resolution. 4k and 1080
  • Easy to install (MAC and Windows, Adobe Premiere PRO CC or later)
  • Instant Download
  • No plugins needed
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Step up your production value with this FREE bonus today!


These 3 FREE GIFTS 🎁 are only included with the calculator for a limited time. Get yours while these free bonuses are available.

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