Perfect Portrait Preset (Adobe Lightroom)

Adobe Lightroom Portrait Presets

Perfect Portrait Preset (Adobe Lightroom)

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Take Your Portraits to the NextLevel

Without these Portrait settings, I wouldn't have been able to raise my prices and make over 6 figures per year!
You ever heard the phrase "Starving Artist"? Well, that's what I was before I had this valuable tool. Now I don't have to worry about how to feed my family.

After years of experience and hundreds of paid shoots, I figured it all out so you don’t have to! I’ve created the PERFECT settings that will help turn any of your portraits into a masterpiece!

Stop wasting your time on lame presets with cliche names like "Autumn Warmth" or "Overcast Skys". Let's be real, those presets are just glorified filters. This is nothing like what you're use to. I include a detailed video to show you the step by step blue print to creating stunning portraits!

Stop struggling to edit great portraits and start using these proven settings today!

Note: This is an informational tool intended to assist in placing reasonable value on your time based on Cost of Doing Business. It cannot cover all situations for all photographers, but it can give you an estimated baseline with which you can adjust your own circumstances. Calculators are hosted on google drive and require a free gmail account to access them. Excel docs will be provided upon request. However excel documents do not receive same updates as live document on google drive.  Because this is a digital product and cannot be returned, all sales are final.

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