Adobe Lightroom Brush Kit (AMAZING)

Lightroom Brush Kit

Adobe Lightroom Brush Kit (AMAZING)

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Craft The Most Beautiful Faces

Ever find yourself wondering how those boss editors get those eyes to pop like that? Or wonder "How the hell did they get her skin to look so smooth without looking fake"? Well, there are special techniques that editors use to achieve all of these types of effects. We have taken all of the settings we use at photo taker pro to craft our most beautiful faces and we have put them into a set of brushes that will complement your Lightroom setup and take your Face editing to the NextLevel!

There are over 10+ brushes in this kit.

  1. Bangin Blue Eyes
  2. Bangin Brown Eyes
  3. Bangin Brows
  4. Bangin Lips
  5. Bangin Smooth

and MANY more brushes!

Before and After Use
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